Oil Furnaces

Our Oil Furnaces Quietly Warm Your Home While Providing Exceptional Efficiency

A portion of your home’s comfort is defined by how peaceful and relaxed you feel inside of it. And that’s not easy to accomplish if your furnace is constantly making noise. Our oil furnaces at Coastal Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning in Savannah are some of the quietest you’ll find. They make so little noise, you likely won’t even notice them running. All you’ll notice is a warmer home – and that’s exactly what we’re aiming for.

We carry three oil furnaces in our Savannah location that are known for their high energy efficiency and durability. Some of our models even boast variable speed to bring you more consistent heat and superior efficiency. Discover more about each system by clicking on your ideal efficiency.

Maximum Efficiency

  • SLO185V
  • SLO183V

Moderate Efficiency

  • ELO183

Working with Coastal Service Experts to buy a new oil furnace in the Savannah area or fix your old one has never been so easy. We offer expert furnace installation, furnace maintenance and a variety of furnace repair services so you can keep your mind off your system. We’ll ensure your home stays warm with our annual and bi-annual comfort service plan options.

Schedule your appointment online or call 912-208-2399 to take the next step in replacing or repairing your oil furnace.

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