Maximize Your Space in Savannah with a Packaged System

Want to take full advantage of your outdoor space in Savannah without compromising comfort? A packaged system from Coastal Service Experts may be the right heating and cooling system for you.

Great for homes built on a crawl space, the space-saving outdoor unit can be installed on your roof or beside your home, depending on the model you need.

Our Coastal Service Experts professionals are experienced with packaged systems. They’re knowledgeable because they have earned the gold industry standard—ACE certification.

This means they’re Experts at installing HVAC systems, as well as maintaining or repairing any model. Plus, we support their work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee* for a year.

You can expect a neat installation with Coastal Service Experts. We’ll leave your home and yard looking like it did before we got there. Our technicians use shoe covers, and place drop cloths to keep your home orderly during the process.

Once our work is done, we’ll thoroughly inspect your new system to make sure it’s working correctly before we leave.

Types of Packaged Systems

Packaged systems come in several types: gas/electric, electric/electric, heat pump and dual-fuel. Some models are high efficiency.

  • Packaged air conditioner—Electric system that includes an air conditioner and air handler. For heating capabilities, you can put in heat strips in your home.
  • Packaged gas/electric system—This unit combines an air conditioner, coil and gas furnace.
  • Packaged heat pump—Contains an electric heat pump and air handler. This system works best for climates where temperatures don’t drop below freezing.
  • Duel-fuel packaged system—This split system gives the benefits of an electric heat pump and gas furnace.

Not sure which configuration is right for you? The Experts at Coastal Service Experts can suggest what will work best for your home and comfort needs.

Professional Maintenance from Coastal Service Experts

Annual maintenance from Coastal Service Experts is crucial to keeping your packaged system at peak performance. A well-kept system will likely have increased energy efficiency than one that is neglected.

If your system is overdue for maintenance and needs repairs, Coastal Service Experts works on any brand.

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